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My philosophy in regards to my personal style in composing classical music consists of the following propositions:
1) Music should be enjoyable to a wide audience,
2) It should be tasteful,
3) It should have my own touch which somewhat reflects my own culture and background.

Starting out, I tended to hew very closely to what appears to be the most popular era of Western classical music today: the late Classical/early Romantic idiom typified by Mozart and Beethoven. This was natural enough, since Mozart spoke to me in a way few other composers could, and Beethoven had an added layer of passion and bravado, especially in his piano music. However, if one wanted music of this type, yet is not Mozart or Beethoven, the music aficionado could just simply search for another more obscure composer, such as Hummel, Kalkbrenner, von Weber, Kuhlau, and so forth. I needed to do something different.

I therefore also have been adding on elements of American popular music, starting with the high ragtime style of Joplin, then adding later jazz and popular elements from big band era of the 1920s to the 1950s, movie music influences such as John Williams, and so forth. This process is still underway, and while I can and still do write old Classical/Romantic music, I try to mix in my own idiom in such a way that the listener enjoys it, it could be called art rather than kitsch, and it cannot be simply dismissed as a resurrection of a passe style.

To explore my various compositions, click on the "Compositions" tab at the top of this page. I hope you enjoy them.